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When a certain problem is a priority in my life how can I just watch it?

Questions: Some problems are of big importance that you cannot just watch them. When something is a priority in my life how can I witness it?

Answer: It is all about the mental trick of rating and putting priorities. Whatever “priority” you have, and no matter how important this “priority” is in the social rating, or in terms of job and even family, notice that all these scales and values according to which the priority is chosen are foreign to you, are outside you and superimposed from without. These values did not rise from within. They are not yours. Of course, for practical reasons one must keep in mind that such priorities are of certain importance (just in order not to become anti-social), but in the depth of your heart know that these priorities and scales are not yours. They exist only to serve you not for you to their servant. Deep within have no priorities! Whenever you are biased to a certain version or a certain possibility in Life, whenever you arrange things in a way that one aspect of reality becomes of greater importance than other aspects, you start investing emotions and mental effort and you make yourself much more vulnerable. Whenever you push any event or factor in life to the first place you give this factor the power to cause you pain. It is always the highly ranked factors that condition your life more and remember it is your choice to prefer a factor to another… otherwise all factors are equally unimportant.
I have read about an ancient tribe of islanders which used to take as slaves those members of the society which had small earlobes. The size of the earlobe was the most important factor at that island. That was the most important criteria in the society! Living in that society one had to take into consideration the size of the earlobe but what is the size of the earlobe in our standards? Nothing! What importance does this factor has? Nothing! But for the society of these islanders, that was the most important factor according to which all life was conditioned. Each society has its priorities… these priorities are equally foolish! Social priorities change for place to place, from time to another, from a generation to another… these impermanent priorities are not real no matter how important they seem to be.
For a pupil at school the exams are the most important. Exams cause a lot of stress to the small ones. It would be a disaster in the eyes of a pupil to fail and have to lose a year. That same pupil at the age of 50 would look at that event of his past so much neutrally. His worry will look so silly… But the 50 years old will have his new concerns and new priorities, his new headaches and conditionings that from a higher perspective are as silly as the worries of a kid for a school failure from the perspective of a 50 years old.
Don’t take your priorities so seriously… there are no priorities in Life. Life itself is the only priority! Other than your happiness in Life there can be no priority. Whenever you impose any condition, or accept any socially imposed condition Life ceases to be your priority. But beware. The mind is very cunning; it puts priorities and conditions in a very deceptive way. Whenever your mind puts a priority no matter how simple or complicated it is, be it something to own or a goal to achieve, no matter how noble the goal is… once it is there, conditioning starts and Life becomes more of a burden. These priorities and conditions are more like barriers and limits, though the mind pictures them like gates to happiness.