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Is it we who are making our happiness limited by external factors?

Question: Is it, in other words, we who are making our happiness limited by (dependent on) external factors?


Happiness never depends on external factors. It is mental deception only that pictures your happiness as being caused by this external factor or that. The only thing external factors can do is to hinder happiness and add some worries. The external factor that catalyses happiness is a limit to this happiness… and guess what: this middle eastern society considers happiness to be something vulgar! The system here wants happiness to be conditioned in order to keep you enslaved to the priorities this system sets. Joy is condemned and suffering is highly respected and appreciated.

I was told about a young widow who was consoled during the funeral of her husband (who passed away after an accident at work) by words like: “it’s a blessing that he died while sweating and striving at work, not smiling relaxed somewhere in tropical resort”. This society loves pain! Pain gives more strength to it as a system but it weakens you! It is so repressive! Don’t trust its priorities!

All Semitic culture is built on repression. People were okay with their nude bodies till Hebrews started spreading the concept of shame all around the Mediterranean. Modern Middle East is an offspring of that Semitic repression. In Greece and Egypt nudism was normal… but conditions were set to complicate Life. Semitic nations were the first nations to weep! In ancient Greece, Egypt and India dance was a noble prayer! Temples were made to revere joy, to respect Life not to condition it. It was the Semitic culture, the progenitor of modern religions that popularized weeping. Pain became something noble. Who said we should suffer to live? Who said we should suffer to be fulfilled?