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Meditation Courses

Why Seeds of Bliss Deep Meditation Course?

Because it is a a compact, practical, timesaving workshop that provides empowering and evidence-based efficient tools and techniques for a better Life (health, relationships and career)

It is a   full  course that includes:

Learning meditation with personal mantras (specific saounds) that are chosen individually to suit each person’s nervous system type according to the ancient Indian wisdom.

Mantras are powerful sound formulas (vibrations) that have no verbal meaning but have enormous relaxing effect on the mind and body. Modern science shows that meditation using these seed sounds is far more efficient than any other type of meditation.
Individual Mantras are chosen by a well trained instructor who tests your body type and finds which mantra from the set of individual mantras suites your nervous system more. A good analogy would be to compare the effect of colors on different people. Some people may feel relaxed in a room painted red; others may feel it so disturbing. If we are aware of the effect of colors on our nervous systems we may not be that much aware of the subtle effect of sounds and vibrations. That’s why in Seeds of Bliss a qualified instructor tests your body type and gives your personal mantra  that is chosen according to what suites you individually.

Enenrgy Healing (similar to Reiki) with  special breathing techniques  as simple tools to balance the body’s energy and for self-healing.

The air we breathe is not just a combination of gases. It is a living energy that allows brings us health and vitality. If the flow of this energy is blocked in any part of your body disease follows. Many of us have heard of Reiki and Pranic healing – a practice in which a trained healer uses energy to sooth a pain and sometimes heal a disease. Certain pranayamas (breathing exercises) open your energy channels and allow you to become your own healer – something similar to Reiki I level.
In Seeds of Bliss you will learn how to activate this energy and apply it on your body as you prepare yourself for meditation.

Instructions in a balanced set of yogic postures for daily practice. This set activates the body energy in a balanced way and keeps the body active and healthy.

This Element of the course is optional for those who are not familiar with yoga practice. There are plenty of yoga postures that are practiced in open 90 minutes yoga classes. In Seeds of Bliss you will learn the basic postures to be practiced daily in a compact time frame. The postures are chosen to convey the maximum essence of a full yoga session in minimal time. You will be trained to maintain the perfect alignment which allows you to practice at home without the supervision of an instructor.

Releasing accumulated stress and learning more about the universal laws of success and prosperity… how to accomplish more with minimal effort by applying these laws in your daily life!

As everything in Life, success has its rules. Learning these rules and acting in accordance to them makes your goals easier to achieve.whatever you are trying to do, stress will make your mission harder to accomplish. In Seeds of Bliss you will learn yogic tricks to deal with challenges skillfully and turn them into a positive Life experience. What do we need more than releasing our stress in order to start enjoying LIFE?!

To join the upcoming Seeds of Bliss course and for more information contact me 70 628426
The proposed exchange is 150$

Some of the Benifits are:

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety
    Decreased Depression
    Reduced Insomnia
    Lower Blood Pressure
    Decreased Cholesterol
    Reduced Congestive Heart Failure
    Reduced Atherosclerosis/Stroke
    Decreased Free Radicals
    Reduced Metabolic
    Syndrome/ Pre-Diabetes
    Reduced Cardiovascular
    Risk Factors
    Reduction in Pain
    Decreased Health Care Costs and Utilization
    Higher Levels of Brain Functioning
    Improved Intelligence, Creativity and Learning Ability
    Improved Academics
    Improved School Behavior
    Benefits for Special and Remedial Education
    Improved Integration
    of Personality
    Increased Longevity
    Reduced Substance Abuse