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Light on the Path (April 2014)

Yoga in Beirut

It may already not be news for you that all the peace, fulfillment and joy that we aspire to reside not so far but very close within. But this brings forth in turn a good news and a bad news. With which to start?

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to search far away to find fulfillment. Thank goodness it is here nearby, not in the Himalayas, nor in Cambodia, or the dark forests of the Amazons… All the joy of the world is here within… But the bad news is… this doesn’t make it any easier to achieve! It is always much easier to search for anything outside. When you lose something at home, you search for it for a while, don’t you frequently think “ah, it’s much easier to get a new one then searching in this mess…”. Anyway things outside seem brighter, more attractive. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. And that is what we have been doing all our lives: looking for things outside. Entertaining out mind with distracting objects. Offering all our attention to the external rather than the internal… okay… this is not that bad. This may be a skill of survival. But we tend to overestimate the value of everything around but not anything within. When the morning alarm rings we do wake up. When someone gives a phone call we do answer… we even frequently check our phones without having incoming calls, don’t we? But when out inner alarm rings? When signs and signals come from within how much attention do we give them? How much chance do we give to the child within to look with fresh eyes and get astonished with all the miracles of Life. With the greatest miracle of Life… Life itself!

Here comes our handy tool once more, yoga. Our practice time is maybe the only time during the day when we withdraw out attention from external objects and look inward. It is may be the only time when you live for your Self; not for your job, not for social duties, not for anything under heavens but your Self. Your Self that is beyond all details. Feel it! Breathe! Enjoy it!