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Light on the Path

Light on the Path” is a selection from the transcripts of  talks I give in yoga classes. Here different aspects of life are discussed. It is emphasized that Yoga is our easy tool… but our goal is LIFE.

May 2014

We are travelers in a long journey, a very long journey indeed… and the most curious thing about our journey is its destination. The curious thing is that no matter in what direction you walk, or what goals you set for yourself, no matter what targets you try to hit or what results you want to achieve, no matter how confident you are in your step, no matter how much hesitation you have, no matter whether you lose your compass or you are permanently guided by remarkable lighthouse, you are always arriving to the same place and the same moment!
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April 2014

It may already not be news for you that all the peace, fulfillment and joy that we aspire to reside not so far but very close within. But this brings forth in turn a good news and a bad news. With which to start? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to search far away to find fulfillment. Thank goodness it is here nearby, not in the Himalayas, nor in Cambodia, or the dark forests of the Amazons… All the joy of the world is here within… But the bad news is… this doesn’t make it any easier to achieve!
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March 2014

It’s always the same question every day, and it’s always down every day to our thirst and quest of feeling good, doing better, feeling stability, feeling peace. A lot has been said about it, a lot has been promised and a lot has been written. You can even find books and manuals: “Happiness in 30 Questions and Answers”, “Inner Peace in Three Days” kind of “Learn Chinese in 2 Weeks without a Teacher”…. Lots of theories, lots of talks… But what do we really know about our inner peace, about who we are? read more…