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Sun Salutations (classic)

للغة العربية اضغط هنا: السلام للشمس – الطريقة الكلاسيكية


Stand straight on the top of the mat, feet together, spine straight, crown of the head up and chin parallel to the floor.

Inhale, open your arms to the sides and exhale palms together in front of the heart.


Inhale. Stretch your arms up. Lengthen your spine. Bring your hips forward, knees straight and arch back. Careful not to strain your back.


Exhale, bend forward lengthening your back, and press your palms to the mat, fingertips in one line with toes, fold on yourself. Bend your knees if you need.


Inhale, bring your right leg back, the knee on the floor, foot relaxed. Arch back open your chest, look up (or forward).


Hold the breath, bring the other leg back (plank pose) support your weight on hands and toes, your back flat.


Exhale, bring your knees, your chest and your forehead to the mat, keeping your hips up and your toes tucked under.


Inhale, slide forward, lower your hips, pelvis to the mat, relax the feet (soles of the feet up) lift your head and chest, bend back, elbows bent to the ribcage. Keep legs together and shoulders rolled down.


Exhale, tuck your toes under, lift your hips up and back to an inverted “V” pose. Push your heels and head down, chest nearer to the thighs, knees straight.


Inhale, step your right foot forward to the space between your hands. Release the other knee to the floor and look up with the chest opened.


Exhale, bring the other leg forward, folding from the hip joint, your palms flat and fingers in line with the toes,  you may keep the knees slightly bent if you need.


Inhale, streach your arms forward and up, hips forward, knees straight, bend back, look up.


Exhale, come back to the initial position, standing straight and arms aside the body.