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Light on the Path

meditationIt’s always the same question every day, and it’s always down every day to our thirst and quest of feeling good, doing better, feeling stability, feeling peace. A lot has been said about it, a lot has been promised and a lot has been written. You can even find books and manuals: “Happiness in 30 Questions and Answers”, “Inner Peace in Three Days” kind of “Learn Chinese in 2 Weeks without a Teacher”…. Lots of theories, lots of talks… But what do we really know about our inner peace, about who we are?

If you are buying fruits at the market, let’s say cherries, the shop keeper may swear the cherries in his shop are the best, that they are of the highest sort , of the best price and of a super taste… But you wouldn’t care. You’d reach with your hand to one of these fruits and taste it. You taste one… You don’t have to eat a full plate… just one. One cherry is enough… And aaaah! Yes! Yes! Here it is! Experience.
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Yoga in BeirutDr. Hisham Nasr started practicing yoga and meditation in a young age (in 1995).
In 1998 he started at school a yoga circle, three members of which are now known yoga teachers. The summer of that same year he underwent a 2 months retreat of seclusion, silence and meditation that resulted in life changing experiences.
Dr. Hisham is a medical doctor (general medicine). In 2008 he scored 2nd between more than 200 doctors in the Lebanese colloquium. In his approach Dr. Hisham integrates the experience of more than 20 years of spiritual search (the knowledge rooted in oriental and occidental spiritual traditions, Sufism and jnana), yoga practice and medical knowledge. 

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Body Talks (part 3)

In The last issue we were discussing reflexes (1. Myotatic stretch reflex, 2. Clasp knife reflex, 3. Flexion reflexes.), and we talked about the f

Body Talks (part 2)

When you practice yoga, especially Hatha Yoga , you find yourself dealing with that same object which you met first when you were born and will leav


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This site is devoted to the holistic approach to enlightened living, wellness, fulfillment and self-realization through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, life coaching and other holistic practices in a way that integrates ancient yogic traditions, the path of self-knowledge, and modern sciences (NLP, EFT, etc..) in everyday Life. As part of this devotion our site presents information about yoga classes in Beirut – Lebanon (hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, hot yoga, aerial yoga, raja yoga, swing yoga, kundalini yoga), meditation sessions that we organize in different yoga centers in Beirut. You can also find information about hikes, outdoor yoga events and yoga retreats in Lebanon and abroad.

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